Motorised Blinds

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Convenience at the touch of a button.

Motorised blinds are an excellent way to enhance your lifestyle, comfort and security whilst providing you with total control of light and privacy in your pergola.

Why We Love Motorised Blinds for Pergolas

  • Motorised blinds for pergolas are a convenient feature for the elderly and people with mobility limitations as it enables them to operate heavy blinds with a remote. This helps to ease the operation of blinds on high or difficult-to-reach windows. Motorised pergola blinds offer the ultimate in convenient operation.
  • Motorisation also eliminates the physical wear and tear caused by manual operation and treatment of blinds. Once installed, the motors have internal top and bottom limits set to ensure that blinds will never exceed their intended position.
  • Motorisation offers the convenience of operating single or multiple blinds in unison with the use of various remotes.

Our custom motorised blind installations are easy to operate and give you complete control over the amount of natural light entering your home. Our motorised blinds offer the benefit of convenience, without having to manually retract blinds using a chain or crank.

A/C Line Voltage

  •   Available for both 100V-120V & 220V-240V applications
  •   Requires connection by a licensed electrician
  •   Ideal for larger or linked blinds

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