6m x 4m Aluminium Pergola

6m Wide x 4m Deep x 2.5m High

⦁ Automated electric louvre style roof systems
⦁ Robust powder-coated aluminium framework design & construction
⦁ Integral rainwater guttering system in roof to divert water.
⦁ Waterproof blades that provide optimal protection against external elements.
⦁ Led lighting
⦁ OneTouch button control system for roof and blinds
⦁ All screws or bolts hidden

Our 6m x 4m Aluminium Pergola is Durable to withstand the UK weather – no matter the season!


Our 6m x 4m Aluminium Pergola comes with almost everything includes. We offer just 2 extras that can be added when purchasing or later on. These are the:
⦁ Sliding glass panels that are sold as Glass Walls, so that each wall is the width of one side of a pergola.
⦁ Blinds or Privacy Screens. Again, these can be purchased together with your pergola or fitted later.


Currently we are only taking phone orders.

Please call us on +44-7361-234-262 to make a purchase.