For all items that are in stock, delivery can be completed within 10-14 days.
As delivery costs are calculated based on a variety of factors (Distance, packaging size & weight, number of products) it is difficult to give written details of every combination of products and distance). We hope to get this automated soon.

In the meantime please contact our support team who will take your details and get back to you with a quote.

Important Considerations

  1. Our Pergolas come shipped in boxes that can be up to 4 metres long and some will weigh between 400kg – 500kg.
  2. Deliveries are usually made to the front of your home unless there is an accessible entrance to the site where you wish to install your pergola.
  3. You will need to have professional workmen to help you move the boxes into place. Please don’t try to take these through your home.


Replacing Damaged Items or Missing Parts

If your order arrives damaged or defective, we can offer a replacement unit or parts at no cost. Simply report a damaged item to our support team at:

If you prefer to return the item, we will refund the item’s price and delivery cost to your original payment method within 5 business days of pickup. You may have to upload a picture of the damaged item. We recommend that you inspect your item upon delivery and report any issues within 30 days of receiving the item.
We charge a 5% handling fee. Also shipping costs are not refundable.

If your package appears severely damaged upon delivery, please write down “Package Damaged” when signing the delivery slip. Afterward, you can request a replacement at no extra cost by contacting our customer support team at:

Please see our returns policy page for more information.


Installation is Available on Request

Please contact our custom design team who will take you through what we will need to know.

Our installation service explained?

Our installation team will assemble your pergola and all the extras (guttering, LED lighting, roof louvres and sensors) and erect that pergola on an existing foundation. To save you money we don’t arrive with electricians as that work should be done as part of the pre-installation work. Let’s face it there is no point paying electricians to be on standby whilst we erect the pergola for a day, when your local electrician can complete the needed work in less than an hour.

Here is a guide to some considerations and cost implications.

  • Solid foundations are required, normally the foundation dimensions should exceed the outside dimensions of the pergola by 20cm. So, if the pergola is a 3mx3mx2.5m, the foundation should be 320cm x320cm. This will allow us to install expansion bolts without the worry that the concrete foundation will fracture when maximum torque is applied.
  • Pre-Installation prep work – Installation should take the best part of a day however in some cases may not be so straightforward. The time required to install will depend on the groundworks and provisions that have been put in place by your contractor. It is imperative that groundworks are finished to a high standard and that safe implementation of the 220v feeds and power is available for the electric roof and internal lighting. An external weatherproof IP rated switched connection box would need to be made available. Your electrician can then provide extra spurs for any additional accessories like heaters, or extra side lighting etc.
  • Site Location Costs – Costs are dependent on location and access to the site of installation/ conditions etc. As a rough guide we would expect to charge approx. £900 to £1500 plus vat for a one day installation. However, this is just a rough guide based on the distance being within a £35 mile radius from our warehouse in Hatfield. Extras will be chargeable on the day of installation. To avoid any extra costs please contact our design team who can guide you through the details.