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Luxury Aluminium Pergolas

At Casa Pergola we create Robust Aluminium Pergolas  that are the ultimate in outdoor living spaces. Constructed from heavy duty, premium aluminium with fully automatic opening and closing louvre-style roof. It allows a light breeze in when open and protects from the sun or the rain when closed.

Aluminium Pergolas


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Modern Conservatory

Aluminium Pergola Features

  • Automated electric louvre style roof systems
  • Robust powder-coated aluminium framework design & construction
  • Integral rainwater guttering system in roof to divert water
  • Waterproof blades that provide optimal protection against external elements
  • OneTouch button control system for roof and blinds
  • All screws or bolts hidden

Durable to withstand the UK weather – no matter the season!

Also available as extras are “Glass Sliding Walls”. These are made of sliding glass doors so you can regulate temperature, in winter and summer. These are special order items and are available through our Custom design department.

Free-standing Pergola 

Sizes Available Online:
⦁ 3m Wide x 3m Deep x 2.5m High
⦁ 4m Wide x 3m Deep x 2.5m High
⦁ 5m Wide x 3m Deep x 2.5m High
⦁ 5m Wide x 4m Deep x 2.5m High
⦁ 6m Wide x 4m Deep x 2.5m High

For all sizes of custom aluminium pergola with louvered roof uk please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Delivery and Installation

Price excludes delivery and installation. This is available when you order and depends on your distance from our warehouse.
Our Pergolas should be installed by an experienced builder.

It is essential that the patio area/base is 100% level.


What is the Difference Between Aluminium and Wood Pergolas?2024-03-29T15:47:02+00:00
Aluminium is more durable than wood because it won’t warp, rot, or crack over time. The aluminium pergola UK is light-weight and fire resistant. These pergolas require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan
How much does an Aluminium Pergola Cost?2024-03-29T15:49:22+00:00

On average cost of our pergola is £18 per square foot. Whereas Fibreglass fiberglass pergolas can cost £55 or more per square foot.

What are the Benefits of Aluminium for Pergolas?2024-03-29T15:52:10+00:00

The benefits of using aluminium include a lightweight frame, durability, low maintenance, and ability of our pergola being able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

What are Aluminium Pergolas?2023-02-16T09:57:44+00:00

Aluminium pergolas are designed to be water resistant and weatherproof making them usable all year long.

Aluminium Pergola Features

Motorised Roof Louvres

Each pergola comes with a motorised Louvres that can rotate from their fully closed position through 145° (and be paused at anywhere in between) you can track the path of the sun control the level of shading.

Sliding Glass Doors

Make your pergola truly bioclimatic get a pergola with glass walls. Our optional glass sliding door systems that can be integrated within the louvred roof system allowing to regulate the temperature at a touch of a button.

Integrated Rainwater System

aluminium pergola with retractable roof uk

0ur innovative rainwater drainage system deals with heavy rainfall, offering protection in all weathers. This discreet internal drainage system allows water from the roof to exit via the base of the vertical posts. No unsightly gutters.

Remote Control Included

Best Free-standing Aluminium Pergola UK

All our pergolas come with an easy-to use remote control that operates the roof louvres, LED lighting and makes your life easier in any free-standing pergola

LED Lighting as Standard

Best Aluminium Pergola UK

Only the best pergolas come with an Integrated 360° degree LED lighting within the roof profile surrounds to create a perfect outdoor setting day or night.

Aluminium Frame

Best Aluminium Pergola UK

All our Pergolas are built from heavy duty powder coated aluminium in a stunning Anthracite grey colour or white – your choice. Designed to be a strong, hard wearing and reliable structure that will last for years to come.

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